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Celestial Conquest Devlog Week 3

Last week, my stated goal was to rework some of the in-game UI elements related to spawning players. Here’s a look at those revisions:

The Selection Window

This is where your available loadouts are displayed. There are three different selection partitions, one for each pilotable class of ship. If your loadout is destroyed, it will take time before another loadout of that class is built and ready for you to fly. Each different loadout  window has a pilot selector, which allows you to change which pilot you spawn in as. If you press the change loadout button, this window is displayed:

Loadout Selector

Which will allow you to see more information about that specific loadout. I also did some work on synchronizing game start times, so that the loading screen disappears and the game starts at the same time for all players. I didn’t get around to messing with pilot systems last week, so that will likely be first up for this next week.

This coming week, I’m going to be doing some gameplay stability testing and bug fixing, as well as implementing some new pilot systems. Currently, I have systems that work on the piloted ship and systems that work on the ship the piloted ship is locked on to. Next up I need some basic Area of Effect systems and Targeted systems. I’m going to replace Janus’s Shield Disruptor system with an AOE system that has the same effect, but will drop the shields of all ships (including his) in its area of effect. Karn’s Hull Repair Drone will also be changed to be a targeted system. It will launch a repair drone to the targeted location which will then repair allied ships in a certain radius.

That’s all until next week!

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