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Celestial Conquest Devlog Week 4

Last week I mentioned that I was planning on making some changes to the way that systems are able to target ships in order to allow for more variation in system types. I made some changes that will make it easier to make AOE effects and targeted effects, as well as to allow effects to apply other effects in a chain. I’m looking forward to using these changes this week and coming up with some new systems. Additionally, I made some quality of life changes and graphics updates last week that I want to show off here:

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Some updated engine particles, which look better when ships turn partially transparent as part of system effects. Also, I added in a tractor beam that automatically locks on to and drags cargo containers towards the ship:

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This makes it much easier to catch the cargo containers. Previously, only the pirate team was able to pick up the containers, but I decided to allow the Alliance team to pick them up as well. This means that the containers will be a more contestable objective than they were previously.

In this coming week, I intend to go all in with creating new systems. I want to create a couple more passive systems in a new category, the Utility category. These systems will affect things such as cargo tractor beam range/speed, sensor range, and cargo storage space. I’m also planning on completing the work I started last week on the new active systems. It should now be possible for me to implement the systems I planned out last week. Check back next week to see them in action!

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