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Celestial Conquest Devlog Week 7

Well, I ended up not getting quite as much done last week as I would have liked to. My parents went on vacation and I decided that I should spend some time not working maniacally on my project. However, I did still get a lot of stuff done (even if it wasn’t what I was planning on). I made some minor changes to some gameplay UI elements. I changed my projectiles so that they predict collisions on the client and play hit effects instead of waiting for the server to perform those tasks. When a new player creates an account, they are now gifted some basic items and some credits as a bundle on the backend. I added some gameplay statistics tracking, and set up the end-of-game screen to display player stats. It looks like this:

The Score Screen

In the coming week, I’m hoping to get to implementing some of the features I discussed in the post last week about turret roles. Additionally, I’m going to be looking into hosting game servers on PlayFab’s backend, and giving my matchmaking and Play screen UI a much needed makeover. Apart from that, I’ll be doing some polishing and bugsmashing. I’m hoping to get some people together to test the gameplay with a bigger group of people playing the game.

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