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Celestial Conquest Devlog Week 6

Last week I stated that I’d be working on implementation details for some new active systems. Here’s a look at one:

On use, a drone is released that flies to the targeted position. It repairs the hull of all allied ships within a 1Km radius. Enemies can shoot it down though, so being careful about positioning is key. I did work on a few more abilities, but they don’t have visual effects implemented yet so there’s nothing fun to see from those. I also made some changes to passive systems and added a whole bunch more options for passive systems. I’ve expanded the selection of turret passive systems available by adding damage boosting systems for each type of turret damage. Additionally, I added a system that changes some stats for each type of turret firing type so they can fire more quickly, reload in a shorter time, and other things of that nature. There’s also a new class of passive systems that focus on improving ship utility such as boosting sensor range or increasing cargo hold space. Additionally, I removed the requirement that allows only one system from each class of passive to be added, so now two engine or two turret type passive systems can be attached to the same loadout. However, there are some systems that can’t be installed at the same time as each other (like light armor and heavy armor, makes no sense!).

In the coming week, I’m going to be working on my gameplay statistics collection and game over state processing. That means I’m going to be working on the game over UI screen and rewarding players for finishing games. This also means that I’m going to be testing gameplay and letting the game play out, which means I’m probably going to be implementing some gameplay QOL changes and be bug fixing as well. One of the biggest changes I’m planning on making to the gameplay in the coming week is adding role tags to turrets. Turret roles will be Strike, Point Defense, and DPS. The turret’s role will change how it behaves when set to autofire. Point Defense turrets will target incoming missiles and nearby destructible system effects when not directed otherwise. Strike turrets will prioritize nearby unshielded targets over shielded targets, while DPS turrets will give all targets equal priority. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of this coming week!

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